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A born and bred Berliner, Shir Khan started Exploited in his home city in 2007. Exploited Rec now plays host to some wide-ranging and innovative electronic talent - including Homework, Joyce Muniz, Shir Khan (to name a few) - and its artists have been receiving numerous supportive spins from the likes of Soul Clap, Azari&III, Jesse Rose, Brodinski and Untold.
This is serious dance music at it's most cutting edge with all the juice to really get you going. It's totally contemporary, innovative and has a chunky dirty feel. "Exploited" take you on an invigorating roller coaster ride back to your youth when you first listened to dance music with all the thrills and spills you so enjoyed about clubbing. It's heavy, exciting and special.
'"Exploited Records" is a seamless melting pot of varied styles that simply can't fail to please even the most discerning ears. Highlights here are plentyful. Not to be missed at any cost.' (Clash)
'Musical hybrids are truly the flavour of today, but few have managed to capture the atmosphere of an unpredictable microcosm of a night out on a recordlabel - until now. Shir Khan's label "Exploited" bottles the zeitgeist's giddy thrills with plenty of style and substance. This is dance music hybridism in all its most glorious forms, and Shir Khan is an expert at making square pegs fit round holes.' (DJ-Mag)
'"Exploited Records" boss Shir Khan has been gaining a lot of acclaim recently, and deservedly so - as he has shown us the high quality, diversity and forward-thinking nature of his label. Engaging, riveting and diverse.' (Data Transmission)

Exploited‘s Future
Watch out for future releases from Homework, Joyce Muniz, Cocolores, Claptone, Shir Khan, Consistent, Playmode, Lorenz Rhode.

Facebook: facebook.com/exploitedrecords
Web: exploitedghetto.de
Myspace: myspace.com/exploitedrecords
Twitter: twitter.com/exploitedrec
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/exploited
Podcast: exploitedrecords.podbean.com/

Jackmode currently represents selected artists of the Exploited Records roaster.
If you are a promoter and wanna stay in touch about Exploited artists you can also sign up to this form here: exploitedghetto.de/promoter

Send demos to our Soundcloud Dropbox.
Contact: info@exploitedghetto.de
Send booking-requests to: booking@exploitedghetto.de
Send remix-requests to: info@exploitedghetto.de

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