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Explore Schools’ mission is to support a network of K-8 public schools in under-served communities that provides students with the academic skills and critical-thinking abilities they need to succeed in a college preparatory high school.

To do this challenging work we have to go beyond traditional models of educating students. There are over 5,000 low performing schools in this country and charter schools, while a viable option, cannot scale fast enough to serve all of the students in need of support.

Our solution? Let’s keep the same students in the same building and make changes in academics, staff, and culture.

This approach allows us to use our successful school model to support students in failing public schools in New York City. The Department of Education in New York City will site us in a school slated for closure due to poor performance and we will preference students who had attended or were zoned to attend that failing school, ensuring they have a high quality option in their neighborhood.