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ex•treme [ik-streem] (adjective) –
-going to the utmost or very great lengths in action, habit,opinion, etc.
-exceeding the ordinary

Every elk hunter has their own definition for what makes an elk hunt extreme. From training like a marathon runner, to driving 2600 miles to spend their vacation chasing an elk, elk hunters often go beyond the ordinary to pursue their unquenchable passion for elk hunting! Extreme Elk Magazine focuses on these extremes, with an emphasis on the overall adventure and not just the trophy quality of the elk.

The visions for Extreme Elk Magazine originated on a steep hillside one September evening by two high-school elk hunting buddies after a grueling ascent out of an elk hunting hell-hole. The dream that has danced in and out of their minds for the past 20 years has now become reality, as World Champion Elk Callers, Corey Jacobsen and Dirk Durham, bring their passion for elk hunting and love of the backcountry to life!

Every public land, D.I.Y. story in Extreme Elk Magazine has an element that real, everyday elk hunters will be able to relate to, because they are written by real, everyday elk hunters. With this foundation of elk hunting stories contributed by passionate elk hunters, combined with the energy and experience of a dedicated editorial staff, Extreme Elk Magazine is your source for everything elk hunting.

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