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Eye /ai/ :1) the organ of sight; 2) the power of seeing; 3) to look at closely or with desire; 4) homophone akin with 'i'
Compile /kǝm'pail/: 1) to put together in a single collection; 2) to make from facts found in various places

I prefer observing, collecting images, trying to be open and be in the middle of the moment to capture the beauty of the accidental. I prefer using these slices of life in a rather direct, simple manner. Although I use a digital camera, the films are more linked to cinematography than video, I guess.

My videos have been shown for example in Kunstuitleen Utrecht (the Netherlands), Saksala ArtRadius (Finland) and at the Discus Event, Sheffield, UK.

Besides making video's, I write (professionally) on subjects like (experimental) cinema and video, music and soundart (field recordings, improv, electro-acoustic, soundscape, etc.), art, photography and architecture, since 2000.

Worked at the Netherlands Filmmuseum from 1990 - 2000, identifying and making reconstructions of films from early filmhistory.


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