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  1. 35:52

    Hype HUDs

    by EJ Hassenfratz

    36 Videos

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  3. 01:02:39

    Brickity Breakdowns

    by EJ Hassenfratz

    36 Videos

    Cool breakdowns of mograph goodness.

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  5. 14:43

    AE Tuts

    by EJ Hassenfratz

    2 Videos

  6. 01:18:21

    Sweet Reel Brah

    by EJ Hassenfratz

    51 Videos

    Sweet demo reels...brah

  7. 07:08:40

    Smooth Animators

    by EJ Hassenfratz

    354 Videos

    Slick and smooth 2D animations

  8. 27:33

    Particle Goodness

    by EJ Hassenfratz

    32 Videos

    Particle based mograph inspiration

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