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Eyefatiguè (short EFTG - eng/fra for 'tired eye') is a VJ project by two Berlin based artists Andreas Geier and Philipp Semmler. Working supraregionally and internationally.
Running rampage through the canvases of the Digital Age the duo share the propensity to operate from a playfully interdisciplinary modus. Their playgrounds tend to be breweries, storage buildings or theater stages
more than the excepted club setting. By reworking these off-sites, which are both temporary in nature and rich in associative meanings, EFTG offer the audience a specificity that embraces both the potential of a moment and a context.

Eyefatiguè’s definitive approach is marked by their incorporation of filmographic material into their graphics-based performance style. The symbiosis of sound and visuals creates a unique atmosphere, which never loses sight of the audience in all its facets and emotions.

Acting for many years as Graffiti and Street artists before being trained in graphic design and experimenting with in situ performance has rounded the collectives interdisciplinary approach. Whether conception and planning of complete corporate designs, whether designing and realizing online advertisements or websites, or even motion design and music videos and classic print media like magazines, flyers, posters and record sleeves: all output is grounded in rich experience. As freelance graphic designers they are covering a large field of production. However they are working in a preferably music-related context, as for labels, music publishers, performers and promoters.

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