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"Eye-Go Films® is a company devoted to telling the story and
concentrated on visual innovation. By staying dedicated to the vision, the purpose is ultimately to reveal your passion.

The company was formulated by two young, motion picture directors from the Bay Area with a strong vision and a simple plan, to tell your story.

Established in early 2007, the duo has since grew into a young team comprised of diverse and talented individuals with great ambitions, mass potential, and a design for the future. Today, the company has amassed to specialize in film/video production, directing, cinematography, graphic design, photography and digital editing. Our crew encompasses a range of talent, knowledge and vision desired to direct feature films
as well as the visual production ability to provide exceptional video services to businesses and individuals on all levels of need.

Throughout any facet of our company, our goals remain the same: to provide opportunities to individuals looking to showcase their talents or services through creative and intriging video/editing, create
opportunities for other young, creative, and inspired individuals, and to eventually give headway to a new breed and medium for individual expressionism. . . Do you. . ."

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