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. Matte painter / CG artist

//Portfolio : eyellusive.com
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I'm a french graphic artist (illustration, concept art, matte painting...) devoted to the artistic exploration of projects for the entertainment industry.

Initially drawing for my own enjoyment since I was a kid, I quickly grew some interest for arts and entertainment and started to shape this hobby into a more professional dedication. After the making of an animated short film (Red) where I revealed my taste for art direction and team collaboration, I worked on projects ranging from music video to AAA video game (Dontnod, Darkworks, Sebastien Tellier, Duccati/Rolex...). Working mostly as a 2D artist, those different environments and managments helped me build a flexible yet dedicated profile to the entertainment industry, giving me a quite complete overview of the production pipelines. It also made me realise that games are indeed the dearest projects to my heart.

Over the last years, I got several occasions to suggest and work out the artistic orientation of the projects I was working on, either spontaneously or with smaller to bigger responsibility. This added to the quick but inspiring experience of managing the creative team of a short film back in 2011, I developed an energy I aspire to invest in the art direction of projects.

Being enthusiastic gamer, comic reader, and combined to the development of my activity through other personnal projects including an unrevealed graphic novel, illustration collections and daily practice, this got me the chance to get in touch with a few major actors of the entertainment industry in regards to my work, hopefully creating collaboration opportunities like it did when I was invited to work as a comic artist on the making of the graphic novel collection "The Dark Tales of the Brothers Harrow", a project in current production involving world class guest artists.

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