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Eyepster was born in Miami, where sunglasses are as indispensable as house keys. Since early 2010, when the company officially launched, we’ve been pushing the limits of creativity and self-expression by putting our own twist on an already fun fashion staple. Why, you ask? Others asked too. We’ll tell you the same thing we told them… Why not?

Eyepster™ change the way people see and are seen. Whatever your style preference, your accessories give you the personal touch that makes your outfit yours. And Glasiz is a distinctive, timeless and fun fashion accessory.

Everyone who sees and tries on a pair of Eyepster falls in love with their uniqueness. They stand out, attract instant attention and are functional. It all started with one timeless style that appeals to (and looks good on) everyone – from you to the biggest celebrities and is quickly evolving into a strong brand with a ever-expanding product line.

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