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I studied Communications and Japanese in university and have worked in the United States, South Korea and Japan. I play bass guitar, analog and digital electronics and, quite recently, guitar. Musical projects I have been involved with have released albums on labels from the USA, Japan, Brazil, Canada and Belgium. Also, I have produced many short films for the Cannibal Network collective. As of April 2009, I have become a full-time video editor and Assistant Director for television in Tokyo, Japan. As of February 2010, I live in the midst of Beijing, China.

Artists that I have been in collaboration and/or cooperation with include Rudolf (of Runzelstirn and Gurgelstock), Nesin, Vonn Fink, Asva, The Cherry Point, AODL, Eucci, Clear Days Always, Hidekazu Wakabayashi, Zoon, Dr. Masahiro Morioka, Paradise TV, Johnny Unicorn, Dot., Tokyo Digital News and Dr. Zoltan among others.

The Eyeslit-Crypt video project shall feature: vlogs, music videos for my original music, video poems, micro-vlogs, short films and educational videos relating to the written word of The Eyeslit-Crypt.

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