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After enlisting into the Marine Corps in August of 2012 I was convinced that, "only a life lived for others is worth living." My passion to capture the world originally spurred from my dream of changing the world. As mighty as it may seem I believed that if I could open the eyes of the naive through visual arts then I could potentially start my own sort of Pay it Forward. I compare my ideas to Michael Moore minus the large bias, however, I am intrigued by his thorough investigation into certain worldly topics. I am inspired to one day create documentaries simular to that of Food Inc. where I depict a controversial dilemma and show the true realities of the situation. Examples include abortion, human trafficking, world hunger, poverty, etc. If I can reveal the non biased reality of a tragedy to at least one person then I believe changing the world is not all that far out of reach. As Gandhi stated, "The future depends on what you do today." Join me in my efforts to leave the world in a better condition then when we found it.

I currently work for Portlandbasketball.com and Portlandfootball.com as the Media Director. Occasionally I do freelance productions for other businesses and customers in the Portland Metro area. I am a senior at Beaverton High where I will graduate before moving boot camp for the USMC as a 0651-Data Network Specialist. Following training I plan to attend Oregon State University and major in electrical engineering. In my free time I continue to pursue my aspirations.

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