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Fab 5 Entertainment LLC, organized and founded by Ifenyi Kanu, Barry Johnson, William Keyes III, and Brandon Banks in 2004 is a marketing and promotions company that specializes in event production and lifestyle marketing to the 18-29 demographic across several national markets. Additionally Fab 5 offers clients innovative advertising and branding campaigns respectively.

Now solely ran by Ifenyi Kanu and Barry Johnson, Fab 5 has taken giant leaps in the entertainment world to provide clients with access to an extensive international network that allow us to creatively market and promote brands, nightlife events, live music concerts, and much more.
Fab 5's experiences date back to late 2004 that has allowed us to build healthy relationships with many celebrity and athlete clients and has provided us with excellent experience within the entertainment industry business world. Below is a few of our major clients and celebrity contacts

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