Fabián Ribezzo

Reggio Emilia

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(Argentina, 1968)
Cinema director, animator and scriptwriter.

After winning 30 Awards in International Film Festivals with the short films : "Kill her or not?", "The gate","The outsider", “Sometimes the river…” and “The Change”, Fabián Ribezzo won the Best Drama Award at the Aspen Film Festival in 2014 with the short film "A Tropical Sunday", obtaining the qualification to enter the selection of the Oscars 2015.
Engaged in the production of animated films, documentaries, spot and fiction, his company, Azabache Films, realized products for European Union, UNICEF, United Nations in Mozambique, Italy, Jordan, Tunisia, Israel and Palestinian Authority.

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  • azabachefilms - Azabache Films produces filmed content across the entire spectrum, including animations for children and documentaries, fiction and commercials.


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