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Fabio Morais Coutinho, today called Fabinho DVJ, formed by the course
disc jockey Fieldzz Productions in 1999, and with various experiences
curriculum as DVJ (D.Disc, and J V.Visual. Jockey). It is a professional artist
selelciona wheel and the compositions more different recorded by a previamento
specific audience, working their content and diversifying its work with
multiple searches and different musical rhythms that touch on the track of balls, clubs,
nightclubs and discos.

* DJ & VJ DVJ Fabinho Producer popularity came with the networks Socias with their work:

* Sets Remixes that are displayed on Web Radios:

* Power Radio Mix St. Vincent - radiopotenciamix.net
* Total Hitz Radio São Paulo - totalhitz.com
* Time Radio Hits of Londrina - timehits.net
* Radio Tributus São Paulo - radiotributus.com.br

* Fabinho DVJ ever played in Nightclub Bill Miner in BH and private events such as:
Highlights of the festival MUG samba school in Goria and choreographed Chopada Ward
among others.

* Videos for disclosures:

* The Show Video for the MR Catra in Londrina - youtube.com/watch?v=PM_e7Kqgpm4

* Video to Show Singer Paula Bencini and the presentation of DJ Tommy Love
Nightclub Cany International São Luiz do Maranhão - youtube.com/watch?v=Os342WI57HU

* Commercial for Cany International São Luiz do Maranhão Show singer Lorena Simpson
displayed for a week in Network TV telivisão - youtube.com/watch?v=VJ47FxUD8zk

* Fabinho DVJ Remixes Videos has launched nearly 200 that are re-edits clips of singers from around the world
in partnership with DJs, singers and producers from around the world

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