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Towards the beginnings of the 90s, Londoner Keith Reilly went on a quest to find the venue of his dreams. Ashamed of the commercial club explosion, something that had taken over and corrupted the little scene that true clubbers no longer felt an alliance with, he decided to return to his roots…to the days where music was all that mattered, and soundsystems were the only focus. The days when music and art collided, and the product was a collective experience of open-minded bliss; where two completely different people with completely different backgrounds could share exactly the same moment with one DJ set. After nearly a decade-long mission dedicated to the perfect space - in the meantime pairing up with partner Cameron Leslie and finding a core team of kindred spirits – on 21st October, 1999, fabric opened its doors for the first time.

Dreamers are dreamers, and they often don’t find a place in the real world - but fast forward 10 years later…and here we are, still standing, unmoved, behind the idealism on which the club’s foundations were initially built. We didn’t want a space that would dictate to people how to behave or how to dress. Really, we didn’t want a space that would be anything beyond just that – a space. To this day, fabric’s just spit and sawdust, a winding ex-meat-cellar that only comes to life via a great soundsystem, musical passions and an amazing group of people that fill our dancefloors each weekend. The only thing that’s really changed over the last 10 years is the flowers in our vases and the records on our turntables. And the wrinkles on our faces, but those are mainly smile creases (good wrinkles).

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