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Fabrika's beginnings go back to 1985, when TRIO design team was founded, but the name FABRIKA does not emerge until 1989, when a group of designers decide to expand their studio into an agency. The most important development period for the agency begins after the war, starting in 1997. The agency develops, hires more professionals and offers more services with each year. In 2000, Fabrika becomes the biggest domestic independent agency based on its yearly turn-over. Fabrika grows with each year, and is, on today's market, competing with international chain agencies. Fabrika rates as one of the three biggest full service agencies in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Fabrika is unique compared to other large players because it is domestic and independent of any agency chain. We deliver services to both domestic and international clients.

Our philosophy is to create a partnership of equals among media, agency and client.

Our goal is to improve clients success best demonstrated by their results.

Fabrika is a full service marketing agency offering to its clients total communication programs.

We have tools needed for strategic marketing analysis and media market analysis.

Our people come from diverse professional backgrounds and posses wide knoledge of international standards. We follow world trends and offer you cutting edge communication best suited to your needs and budget. Our in-house facilities consist of graphic design stations, video and audio editing suites, audio studio for recording and mastering, video animation and postproduction facilities.

Creative strategies
Media strategies
Consumers promotion, events and BTL activities
Graphic design
TV and Radio production
Web design and strategy

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