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1. Yvan the Facehunter is going every month with a cameraman to a new city.

2. They’re catching up with inventive, colourful, freaky, imaginative, productive, original, gifted, graceful, xquisite, fascinating, attractive, unpredictable, graceful, gorgeous, refined, delicate, divine, facehuntable, blooming, clever, rosy, bonny, charismatic, clever, pulchritudinous, fantabulous, well-favored, bewitching, enchanting, appealing, edgy, ravishing, chic, pleasing, winning, alluring, sharp, wild, glamorous, shapely, marvelous, voluptuous, radiant, stunning, classy, talented - and if possible- good-looking people.

3. They ask them to be themselves, to play the guitar in a park, to use an iron as a cell phone in the street, to show their new clothing collection in their boyfriend’s office, to express their hate/love about their city, to talk about paradise, internet and lollipops. All together, hang out, dance on Brit pop tunes and eat tacos untill 7 in the morning every day.

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