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Rockford, IL

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Founder of Faction 5 Film, Jose Galarza, grew up with film all around him. As a young boy, he would visit the theatre each weekend with his father to view newly released movies. Right after returning from the theater, Galarza would analyze the story plots, and come home to reenact them with his action figures. Not only would he reenact plots, but he would also create his own imaginative tales—a film entrepreneur was in the making. His dedication to film only advanced when he realized that he was captivated by the way the camera moved in each scene. Galarza finally got the chance to put his creativity to work when he enrolled at Rock Valley College where he received a certificate of graphic arts as well as a certificate of mass communication. Now as an adult, Galarza savors in the fact that dreams can come to life through cinematography. He believes that the documentation of various special events should not only be viewed as a memory, but be made into something that is continually rich and engrossing. When he is not devoting himself to Faction 5, Galarza works meticulously in his spare time to develop new ideas for short films. He finds inspiration for his creativity through the work of George Melies. Even though the status of his favorite movie is always changing—Man on Fire is his current choice. Galarza is the mastermind behind making dreams come true by delivering compelling and enchanting cinematography to every audience—big and small.

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