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Szeged, Hungary

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Factory Creative Studio is a small, family owned and managed Hungarian creative company in the university town of Szeged, close to the Serbian and Romanian border.
Situated in the South of Hungary with almost 60 in-house professionals, Factory is the leading provider of integrated BTL communication services for the broadcast industry.

We create and develop brands, corporate IDs, produce packaging design,
online campaigns, animations, special software developments for major CE and worldwide enterprises.

Moreover, we support various non-profit companies, art workshops with pro-bono services. Balance is important.

Factory has the proven skills to develop multilingual tools for Central-
and Eastern-European countries, from Bulgaria to Poland, from Russia to Croatia. A significant part of our projects are developed in English, and we also do project managing in French.

Factory is an unique place where you can secure your cable brand’s efficiency. We create the message and deliver to any media: printed, on-aired, web, mobile. We develop your workflow software, tools that makes your processes and life easier. All in-house in one place, so you can have a rest finally while your channel works hard.

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