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FaderPro is a unique online training resource that gives you the opportunity to learn music production from multi-platinum artists and producers. visit faderpro.com to learn more.

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  1. Video is stuck, please help Link: https://vimeo.com/55902044
  2. Thanks for the reply and sorry to sound desperate, but I am :) I have sent a private email with the link. Since I submitted the ticket, the OLD uploader has finally successfully uploaded the video I sent you a DB link to, but if you could give…
  3. I have tried absolutely everything to get my videos to upload, but the VAST majority of them fail, or get stuck. I am losing major time in getting customers content online. I have tried sharing through quicktime even and every video fails. I have…
  4. Ok, So we have paid for the past two cycles $199 for the pro service, and once videos are up, we are pretty happy with the service. However, I am having considerable trouble getting solid upload results and over half to two-thirds of all video upload…