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Faiyaz Jafri is a New York based artist born and raised in rural Holland of Dutch and Pakistani decent. Jafri’s art explores Jungian archetypes in the modern world. In addition he searches for neo-archetypes in mass media and global popular culture.

His work has an almost clinically engineered feel to it without becoming cold or soulless. It is this contrast between unnatural perfection and the fact that his work conveys a strong emotion that makes his work at times haunting but always strangely human.

His work has been exhibited in the form of print, video installations, animations and life size sculptures in New York, Berlin, Taipei, Songzhuang, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, and Turin. More on Jafri and his work can be found on his site bam-b.com and blog bam-b.com/blog.

Faiyaz Jafri lives and works in New York

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