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Fake Diamond was launched in 2006 during a time when no one in their right mind would start a new ambitious record label. Having said that, the initial ambition was (and still is today!) to work with truly talented artists without any predefined criteria regarding genres and time-specific fads, as long as their music has that indefinable ability to move everyone who crosses its path.

To describe some of the initiatives that capture Fake Diamonds work; you’ll on the one hand experience a label that is meticulously devoted to unpretentious methods such as the “Fake Diamond-7-Inch-Project”, limited edition vinyl, handmade cover art, street-art campaigns etc; And yet, on the other hand, Fake Diamond has never been afraid of taking risks, placing itself up there, alongside the major labels, competing for the next big hit and investing the amount of resources required.

Thus, Fake Diamond's constantly developing roster boasts some of the most interesting and successful bands and solo artists in Denmark today. Ever expanding into all musical directions, Fake Diamond is a treasure trove of variety that reaches out way beyond the borders of our small country, with an increasing network of collaborating labels and distributors around the world.

Oh Land was the first of our artists who signed a major deal with Epic Records and is an example of Fake Diamond's ability to spot unpolished indie talent that can cross over to a huge audience. Trading on its advantage of sharing an office with some of the brightest pioneers of the communication and visual world in Scandinavia, Fake Diamond has over the past few years established itself as one of the leading Danish indie labels.

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