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Máté Tóth Ridovics (Budapest) - photography, film: mate.toth.ridovics@fakt13.com
Luca Tóth (London) - animation, illustration: luca.toth@fakt13.com

FAKT13 is a committed, socially responsible, innovative and professional visual arts lab, creating animation, illustration, photography and film.
Committed: work is always a mission.
Socially responsible: sensitive to inequalities.
Innovative: curious and experimenting.
Professional: producing high quality work and constantly developing.

We identify with the tradition of art groups who think of themselves as LABORATORIES for DEMOCRACY. We consider art to be a catalyst; an educational procedure that motivates the spectator to be creative. The SPECTATOR who is the critical, self-critical and playful CITIZEN.

Our task is not to make statements. Rather to gain and deliver experiences, to develop ourselves as well as others. That is to say: to maintain our ability to


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