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Diaz has shown great interest in art since he was young and firstly proved his talent by winning numerous painting competitions while he was at school. The highest award he achieved was third prize in the National Painting Competition throughout Indonesia in 1986. He also became the representative of Indonesia to the world of art exhibitions in China and was awarded the selected medal prize for his vivid and creative painting.

After graduating from Trisakti University with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Visual Communication Design in 1998, he had the opportunity to work as a part-time Illustrator at the Hard Rock Cafe in Jakarta and then continued his career to become a permanent employee of the Hard Rock Hotel in Bali as a Graphic Designer. In 2002, he became the Head of Design for the Hard Rock Hotel throughout Asia, which was assigned to the Hard Rock Hotel in Pattaya, Thailand. In this position Diaz was responsible for all aspects related to designs from the corporate identity system, concept designs for events, merchandise items to recruitment of graphic designers and training for Hard Rock.

In 2003, he decided he required further challenge so he changed his career to the advertising industry and began as an Art Director at McCann Erickson. His career continued to prosper, ranging from local advertising agency to multinational agency, until he reached the position of Associate Creative Director at Dentsu Strat in only 6 years, usually 10 years or more. Diaz has vast knowledge and experience to deal with clients such as MasterCard, Unilever, GE, Djarum, Nestle, Frisian Flag, Pfizer, and won lots of big tender such as Telkomsel, Danamon, Ovaltine, etc. He also achieved several awards in various levels, from bronze to gold, in the Citra Pariwara and Pinasthika (A well-respected national advertising award festival), and achieved the Best Advertising Campaign for Macs909 from the Association of Independent Advertising Agency network worldwide.

In 2010, he decided to concentrate to work independently as Producer for film project, such as documentary and corporate video. And handling big clients like Manulife Financial, PermataBank, L'Oreal Paris and Chevron. In 2013 he's building Flex Films with his friend, a production house that handles mostly TV commercial project. And now Flex Films is on the third rank of Production House of the Year in Indonesia, bringing home 1 gold for best directing, 1 silver for best editing and 3 bronzes on Citra Pariwara Advertising Festival last year.

The vast variety of his employment positions in creative industry, the experience, skills, knowledge and the network he has today, has made himself an Executive Producer who keeps adding experiences from many different angles of arts and continues to grow.


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