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Fallon Films is an integral part of Made In Fallon. We shoot, we edit, we animate. A diversely skilled and determined group of people, our aim is to facilitate all genres of film making, at every stage of production. We pride ourselves in collaborating with like-minded, creative individuals to achieve the best possible output.


  1. The Mill
  2. Sam Goldie
  3. Focus24
  4. Alex Hinx
  5. WMP
  6. Parusha Naidoo
  7. Carly Baker
  8. Thomas Ormonde
  9. Nicos Livesey
  10. Skander Allani
  11. Strangers Are People Too
  12. daniel swan
  13. Kristina Cranfeld
  14. ORDER
  15. Ian Marshall
  16. Sara Hibbert
  17. Arthur Chance
  18. David Wilson

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