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Fullerton, CA

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The Council's Mission

In 1995 Cal State Fullerton, the third largest business school in the nation, formed the Family Business Council to assist family businesses in recognizing their common problems and in finding solutions to the unique issues that confront them. The Council's mission is to use education to help family businesses in our region grow and prosper and to keep harmony in the family.

How the Council Works

The Family Business Council is an educational forum organized and under the direction of the College of Business Administration and Economics at California State University , Fullerton . The Council gives its members the opportunity to learn from experts in an academic setting. During each school year, the Council offers nine workshops on topics of special interest, confidential discussion groups, and informative and entertaining events. We also offer CEO Groups, 2nd Generation group and Women's owners affinity groups for family members.

The Council provides a comfortable environment for information exchange. Members can develop personal relationships with other successful business owners. Like you, these individuals are seasoned entrepreneurs who represent experience, contacts, and new business opportunities. Also, members have direct access to the resources of the university and the Council's professional partners and advisors as they seek solutions to their problems and concerns. Council partners and advisors are specifically prohibited from soliciting business from Council members and guests.

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