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For a Minor Reflection are four 22-year-old boys from Reykjavík, Iceland - Kjartan Holm (guitar), Guðfinnur Sveinsson (guitar and piano), Elvar Jón Guðmundsson (bass) and Andri Freyr Þorgeirsson (percussion). Their music is strikingly beautiful, energetic, melodious post-rock, though being the naturally creative visionaries they are, the band expand and subvert their style with every song.

Starting life as a hard rock duo in a tiny garage, For a Minor Reflection (FaMR) morphed into an indie rock trio (for a week or so), a blues quartet (for a little longer), before finally arriving at their current incarnation.

Back in 2007, the band released their self-produced debut album ‘Reistu þig við, sólin er komin á loft...’ - ‘Rise, the sun’s up...’- a mesmerizing, hour-long tapestry featuring six songs and recorded over a weekend in their friend’s studio. This record, as well as their energetic live shows, won them a huge fanbase and a slew of accolades, including favourable comparisons to Explosions in the Sky, Caspian and Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Fellow Icelanders Sigur Rós even described them as “a band with the potential to out Mogwai.”

FaMR have already toured USA & played extensively in Europe including 15 dates with Sigur Rós on their last tour in 2008. Total sales for their modest - demo-recorded-in-a-home-studio - debut album consequently totalled 5000 copies.

Needless to say the tour with Sigur Rós attracted a lot of attention resulting in a showcase slot at Eurosonic at the start of 2009 and a month’s headline tour in Europe last summer. The remaining time has been spent writing and recording their second album. ‘Höldum í átt að óreiðu’, ‘Heading Towards Chaos’. These ten songs were recorded in the Sigur Rós studio in Iceland with LA producer Scott Hackwith. The album is due to be released in September 2010.

„Iceland's shiny new version of Sigur Ros“ Uncut

„make ethereal, melody-soaked music with international appeal.“ Music Week

" and young act by the name of For a Minor Reflection had blown the roof off of the gothic hallways of Idno..." Daily Telegraph

"On stage they were rocking out seriously beautiful, expansive melodies beneath projections of dropping bombs" Dazed

"For A Minor Reflection......were one of the highlights of the festival. They are one band who, if anyone at the Iceland Airwaves festival deserves it, will be spread far and wide across the globe." It Is A Trap

"20-year-old post-rock hopefuls, For A Minor Reflection ....showcased their much awaited follow-up to last year’s Reistu Þig Við, Sólin Er Komin Á Loft... in a rammed Iðnó. Powerful stuff. Looking forward to getting my hands on the new album." Drowned In Sound

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