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Before training as an editor, Chris's background was in Theatre. At school he participated in various dramatic productions and in his final year formed what would become NARC Productions which included actor Neil Francis. The company focused on theatrical productions and was responsible for bringing back Jordanhill School's end of year musical production in 2006 after a ten year hiatus. The tradition, which started in 1947, returned with a custom made musical entitled We Will Mock You.

Following school, Chris continued with Narc Productions until it disbanded in early 2008 with its members calling it a day to pursue other professions. Chris retrained as a video editor and together with his class mate Mark D. Ferguson formed the television production company Quick Off The Mark Productions in October 2009.

In the summer of 2010, Chris and Mark teamed up with their former class mate Andy S. McEwan. to write their first feature film In Search of La Che. The film would see Chris reunited with Neil Francis who played the part of Archie Munro. The film premiered at the Glasgow Film Theatre in November 2011. In the same year, Chris also founded the online film database, the Glasgow Filmmakers Alliance with actor Andrew O'Donnell. and in June he became a member of BAFTA Scotland. Chris reunited with Andy S. McEwan later that year to write and produce the short puppet comedy The Greyness of Autumn in which Chris would make his directorial debut and voice the character of Nelson. The film enjoyed a variety of success in 2013 with it being awarded the Best British Film (for April) by the British Filmmakers Alliance. In addition to this, the film enjoyed a successful run at a number of UK film festivals as well as screenings in the Untied States and Ireland.

Since 2013, Quick has taken on a variety of editing roles on projects outside of Quick Off The Mark Productions. Over the years he has worked with Joseph Andrew Mclean, Richard Conte, Steven Patrick and recently took on the role of producer and editor of Electric Faces for Johnny Herbin.

In 2014, he returned to the directors chair briefly to direct the short children's film Minion vs. Minion which was produced with Steve Johnson of Futuristfilm. The film was part of a competition run by Vue Cinemas for Glaswegian School children in which three winners would have their film ideas turned into a 4 minute film shot in 4K. Quick is due to return as the voice of Nelson in Autumn Never Dies, the sequel to The Greyness of Autumn. The film is due for release in 2016.

Between 2010 and 2013, Quick served as the media supervisor of the Katana Fighting Series. He oversaw the transition of the shows coverage form a single camera shoot to a multi camera setup and together with Mark D. Ferguson brought in high definition coverage of the shows. He produced and edited the coverage of every event and with the exception of Duncan Airlie James, he was the only crew member to have attended every show.

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