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  1. 12:08

    Music Videos

    by farCry studioZ

    4 Videos

    Music videos from all kinds of music genres, featuring the best up & coming artists in SoCal. We offer affordable music video productions without any compromise and there's no limit to creative…

  2. 20:02

    Dance Collaborations

    by farCry studioZ

    8 Videos

    Various Dance Collaborations with up & coming talents from all over SoCal, featuring many different genres of dance with fashion & lifestyle elements for a unique approach

  3. 07:00

    EDM Acoustic SessionZ

    by farCry studioZ

    2 Videos

    ♫ Ever get an EDM song stuck in your head and wish they made an acoustic version? This series is all about recreating EDM songs we love, music video style :)

  4. 40:00

    Movie CompressionZ

    by farCry studioZ

    4 Videos

    These are full length movies compressed to 10 or 15 minute versions using quick and carefully chosen scenes & cuts to explain the main plot. Certain aspects like narrations from the main character…

  5. 19:34


    by farCry studioZ

    10 Videos

    Behind the scenes coverage of photo shoots with the most talented photographers, makeup artists and beautiful models in the SoCal area. Also includes collaborations and fashion event coverage!

  6. 13:52

    Making Fun Of CELEBS

    by farCry studioZ

    3 Videos

    My montages of specific celebrities appearing in movies or portrayals in cartoons, uses SEVERAL movies and appearances!

  7. 27:35

    The Best of Ari Gold from "Entourage"

    by farCry studioZ

    2 Videos

    No character is quite like Ari Gold from the mega popular HBO Series Entourage. I have taken the best lines and moments from all 96 episodes of the show and created a 6-part series, all edited to…

  8. 53:04

    Wedding Highlight Films

    by farCry studioZ

    10 Videos

    My passion for wedding films stems from a combination of different passions, including live event videography, joyous occasions and storytelling through video. Weddings offer all of this, so each…

  9. 57:03

    Night Life + LIVE MUSIC

    by farCry studioZ

    40 Videos

    EDM & other live music events across Southern California. We're privileged to get all access passes to most of these events and we always make the most of it :) These videos let you relive…

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