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The Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation working to stop the harm caused by alcohol.

Alcohol harm in Australia is significant. More than 5,500 lives are lost every year and more than 157,000 people hospitalised, making alcohol one of our nation’s greatest preventive health challenges. The devastation doesn’t stop there; the high personal and financial toll extends well beyond the individual drinker. Each year nearly 400 people die, and 70,000 Australians are victims of alcohol-related assaults, including 24,000 victims of alcohol-related domestic violence. All these harms cost the nation an estimated $36 billion annually.

FARE has been working since 2001 with communities, governments, health professionals and police across the country to stop alcohol harms by supporting world-leading research, raising public awareness and advocating for changes to alcohol policy. In that time FARE has helped more than 750 communities and organisations, and backed over 1,400 projects around Australia.

As far as we have come in raising the awareness of the immense impact that alcohol misuse has on so many Australians, and in advocating for evidence based policy measures to address the harm, a great deal of work remains to be done.

FARE doesn’t shy away from that challenge.

Indeed, our new vision, Stopping Harm Caused by Alcohol, better describes the sharp focus, determination and commitment of this organisation.

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