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Paris, France

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FareWell Poetry is a collective of Parisian musicians and an Anglo-saxon poet and filmmaker.
From indie to modern classical to drone and shoegaze, spoken word and experimental film, FareWell Poetry represents the pooled influences of its core members and passionate collaborators.

The band's richly arranged songs seek out subtle and luminous climaxes, the hypnotically simple melodies falling away like scaffolding to reveal a complex structure narrated by a haunted voice drumming out a dark poetry, echoes from a deep well.

Performing in festivals, movie theaters, concert halls, churches and collaborating with a wide range of guests such as Bérangère Maximin, Gaspar Claus, Dave Olliffe, David Moore, David Fenech, this ambitious project combines incandescent and powerful drama, orchestrated minimalism, experimental film, dark sensuality and luminous poetry.
Somewhere between a sleep-starved Man Ray, the visual performances of Throbbing Gristle or the Velvet Underground, FareWell Poetry exudes a creativity inspired by a state of trance and seeks new boundaries to push back, new doors to open.

First album out in September 2011 (CD+DVD / limited edition LP+DVD) on Gizeh Records.

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