Farooq Ahmad

San Francisco, CA

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I am a sports fanatic who loves to watch, debate, argue and discuss different players, teams, championships and events. An avid sportsperson in my hay days, I now spend my extra time training my 2-year-old son in outdoor sports -Soccer, Tennis, Basketball and Volleyball.
I have produced, directed, edited, written and been a part of award-winning short-films, documentaries, TV shows, news bulletins and music videos. My first short film was titled Play Safe (2005), revolving around a HIV infected person and his battles with his decisions. My goal is to produce media that will have a positive impact on the society and to address social issues of today and bring them into the limelight. I have more than 9 years of experience as a media professional, but I feel that I have much more to do in this crazy media world, and I am oh so ready!

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