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The Official Starshower Art - starshower.ca
And The Sky Shivers Down Distorted Stars (My book): lulu.com/spotlight/starshower
Writing blog - orionstarshower.blogspot.ca
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This page is for animations showcasing my art, and videos with my art and other peoples music. My art is abstract, with some photo manipulations.

The music ranges in genres from synthpop / electronic to darkwave / neoclassical / ethereal, to various forms of rock. The musicians are various, and no money is made by me through these videos. No copy-write infringement is intended. I have permission from many of these artists to use their music, however any artist / label will have their material removed permanently if required. To find out where to hear more and to buy from these musicians, look in the information for each video.

I cremuch of this art in support of the Inspire Art project. Inspire Art was first created as a movement to support the fight against modern day slavery and human trafficking. It's grown into a worldwide community of artists, thinkers, art-lovers and political activists. For more information and to get involved, check out sarahfimm.com/inspired and pinterest.com/sarahfimm, and talk to us at our Facebook group: facebook.com/groups/322377657825278/

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