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Canadian-born, Vancouver-based, Gene Greenwood is a highly sought after videographer, having worked with many acclaimed music personalities including Rod Stewart, Van Halen, Edie Brickell, Chris Isaak, Tom Cochrane, Kid Rock, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Wide Mouth Mason, 54-40, and Blue Rodeo. Additionally, Greenwood was the head cameraman for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver for the Music and Band Segments at the Live Shows.
A rich and colorful history in the music industry (he began world touring at the age of 17 as a still photographer) has vividly shaped Greenwood’s extensive and varied creative output. A master visual craftsman who excels at capturing the honesty and feeling of any given moment, his work encapsulates an edgier style while still having the ability to appeal to a mainstream audience. Greenwood is renowned for his ability to capture the stark reality of live performances.

In his role as the director of Vogville Presents, Greenwood composed the cinematic look of the series while adding the intricate details that added to the flavour of the storytelling experience.

Greenwood is not just known for his famed shooting history, and distinct style, but also for having the ability to manage a high volume work load and and completing his work with passion, grace and a honed attention to detail.
“Nominee for BC Country Music Awards “ Director of the Year ” 3 Years in a Row!

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