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Founder and Production Manager of FastCoast Productions, Christian Ackerman says; "I love making movies. I pick up my camera and just go with it. Ideas flow, scenes form, a story unfolds, and a movie is made." FastCoast Productions is a production company that makes exciting and entertaining films. Christian Ackerman, two time award winning filmmaker with such movies as "Catastrophic Denouement" for Original Teleplay- Non-Professional at the National Hometown Video Festival 2003 and "Midnight Mansion" for Award of Excellence in Video Art at the Best of the NorthWest Festival 2005 producing these films in part through Missoula Community Access Television where he works as the Public Media Trainer for over 13 years. He's been nominated twice for an Emmy Award for making two commercials one for State Farm Insurance and for the Montana Governor's Office through MAPS Media Institute where he is a State of Montana Certified Film Instructor teaching the film class for this well known after school program for over 5 years. "Movie making is a passion hobby for me. It's just what I do naturally in my spare time. I've made a number of films which have been self distributed worldwide and have had success with BrainDamage Films picking up my movie "Wisconsin Project X" distributing it Worldwide all over the media markets. Feature films is what I do, I can't help myself! And, I am thankful to get a lot of help through my co-workers, family, and friends."

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