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Welcome to my Vimeo Channel! I like to tinker with photography and videography as a hobby. I seem to catch a lot of feedback from ‘the public’ while I’m out that I’ve got ‘no artistic talent whatsoever’ LOL. That doesn’t preclude me from enjoying it myself in spite of whatever artistic merit my photos and video might have to inspire awe from others. I enjoy the technical aspects of it as much as capturing something really cool. Thus why I subscribe to Vimeo and utilize the services here and support their effort.

Speaking of ‘The Public’ and why I receive such negative feedback from people for simply enjoying my hobby; I’m also caught up in what is possibly the most toxic controversy/conspiracy in the country. I’m actually still without relief of having been diagnosed to be ‘chronic paranoid schizophrenic’ for relaying what I perceive to be the circumstances of my life.

Some of what I capture and share here are possibly significant events of my life and moreover historically significant to varying degrees considering the scope of what I believe my ordeal to be. This is what likely inspires people in my *community* to attempt to deter me from making any records of my life, etc. It obviously doesn’t faze me too much from continuing to shoot pictures and video. They don’t want my story to be told though as it reflects on this particular state and ‘community.’

I might like to eventually compile a documentary of my life or inspire someone who actually does have a talent for it to pursue it. I believe I was declared to be ‘under surveillance’ in 1999 by then Governor of Texas George W Bush. If you keep up with current events – ‘surveillance’ abuse and the battle for Civil Liberties have become one of the biggest topics of our time.

I’ve got probably the most disturbing and significant stories to tell of anyone who has been personally impacted by the Surveillance State. I believe I have been personally targeted and persecuted unlike anything I know I have any knowledge of and I would hope unlike any other United States Citizen has ever experienced or ever will - which might be key to why it is important that my story is told. No Citizen of the United States should have to endure what I have endured.

So, anyway, I am working on bettering my skill level with video as a hobby as something I enjoy and hopefully capturing a few events along the way that might tell a bigger story on their own in context of my life until something more formal is compiled possibly which might include some of the material I have captured here. I’m currently discouraged from compiling it myself and I can’t really answer why. I don’t feel like I could do it properly? I’m psychologically incapacitated by the intensity of persecution that I am enduring to a degree that it more or less paralyzes me from pursuit of a project that would require the effort I feel like it deserves maybe? It really wouldn’t do any good at this point to put the effort into it and it just be unwatchable and not go anywhere? IDK.

For the time being I’m enjoying learning more about videography and trying to get better with all aspects of it. Living my life to the best of my ability to do so until I will hopefully be relieved from the persecution that I endure here.

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