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My name is Zoran Balé Bulatovic. I am composer-musician from Novi Sad/Yugoslavia. I have been scoring independent feature films, Theatre and Television for over 20 years. I am classically trained musician but my music background is New Wave/Punk/Experimental Rock, see my selected Discography. I utilize all the latest technology and am able to finish an entire score 'in house' at my Fatalamanga Mobile Studio. I don't have a permanent address. Instead, I divide my time between NYC, Novi Sad, Florence and Paris. Also, I am always on Internet, and when I am not, I am depressed.

About Film Scoring
Music and sound add tremendous depth to moving images. When a score is well thought out and coherent, it emphasizes the content of the picture and permits the storytelling process to become profoundly more personal and memorable. The music of a picture may often produce an experience that is outside the mind by revealing accords between internal and external realities.
If you are an experienced Filmmaker, you know what I am referring to, and if you are an up and coming one, let me show you what I mean.

I have put this page up in order to get some grassroots exposure, and to share my work with the international market. I strongly believe that today's technology permits Independent movies to be the avant-garde of international cinema. Check out my résumé and other content included on this site, and if you would like to contact me directly, send me a note


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