Fatback Circus

Austin, TX

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Fatback Circus prides themselves on their open-ended originality and their distinctive songwriting. The band's avant-garde style allows them to indulge in any classification of music making each song newfangled and engaging. Their diversity of musical ingredients has allowed them the privilege of opening for such bands as The Burden Brothers, Pepper, The Expendables, Thin Lizzy, Fastball and The Presidents of the United States. Dalton, Garrett, Nathan and Aaron share an unyielding passion that will keep them and their music augmenting for years to come. They've made a home for themselves in Austin, TX though all four were raised in the small, college town of Stillwater, OK. Fatback Circus has just released their sophmore album, "Dark World," preceeded by 2006's "The Elephant King." The band is currently promoting their new EP Demo of three new singles. You can catch their videos for "Dust Bowl Blues," "Jessica" and "World Color" on channel 15 METV Austin. Fatback Circus is playing heavily in the Austin area and are well on their way to becoming one of the most crowd-pleasing bands in the region.

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