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Seattle, WA

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Hi, we’re Fat Cork! We are an importer, online retailer, and a small, underground (literally) warehouse in Seattle dedicated entirely to grower Champagne.

We’re the exclusive importer and retailer of excellent, undiscovered grower Champagne. In other words, we’re the only importer allowed to bring the very very best of the best (in our opinion) Champagne to the States. It’s “grower” Champagne because it comes straight from the families who grow the grapes. They own the land, tend the vines, and make the bubbly. Most have been at it for generations.

We sell the bubbles directly to YOU through our website and our Fantastic Champagne Club (FC Club). We pop up on select restaurant wine lists, too.

Celebrations are never required—opening a beautiful bubbly already feels like one. We'd love for you to join us on this journey as we Celebrate Everyday!

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