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Fathom is a management reporting and financial analysis tool which helps you to assess business performance, monitor trends and identify improvement opportunities. Fathom is perfect for accountants who are seeking to deliver more frequent and more engaging advisory and management reporting services.

Fathom imports data from any accounting system, enables you to categorise your accounts in a few clicks, and then immediately view an analysis.

Gain deeper insights
Call it business intelligence, performance management, or analytics... the goal of Fathom is the same: to help you to understand, measure and improve business performance.

Create beautiful reports & dashboards
Whether presenting to a client, reporting to lenders, or updating a management team, you’ll always be prepared with Fathom. We’ve got your monthly, quarterly and annual reporting needs covered.

Measure what matters
Fathom provides a framework of analysis tools which help you to measure and monitor the financial and non-financial KPIs which matter most.

Compare and consolidate
Easily compare, rank and benchmark all of your companies, clients or franchisees using Fathom. Or group related companies together to create consolidated reports for an organisation.


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