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Aaron “Angry Woebots” Martin was born on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu, but spent most of his childhood growing up and moving from Southern California to Nevada before finally landing back into Hawaii during his Junior year in high school.

In 1999 while a car accident changed everything; thislife-threatening experience inspired him to leave the island onceagain, this time to Seattle, Washington. Inspired by the rain and being indoors, he started playing around with different art mediums again. He then left back to Hawaii with a new perspective. “Being close to death, being trapped in metal changed everything. Almost fifteen years later but its just like it happened yesterday life’s been unbelievable I been blessed with the best Family and Homies ever,on top of that I been rocking out full time doing what I love just painting and meeting the coolest people.”

Aaron had his first show in 2002 and has not stopped. Showing in
galleries up and down California the east coast, have even showed in
shows that have traveled from the United States, Tokyo to Hong Kong, Singapore
Australia, Thailand & New Zealand. Aaron has worked with companies & crews like Mind Style toys/Disney, Blue Scholars, Kidrobot, Fitted Hawaii/NewEra, Kicks Hawaii & Converse Red. Also being published in Magazines in the US, Tokyo & Europe.
His focal medium is acrylic paintings on wood and canvas. Using minimal colors and detailed character design, these paintings are usually comprised of stressed out emotional pandas. The pandas tend to represent the story of struggle.

In recent he’s been doing massive murals using aerosol, rollers and house paint, traveling the world looking for wall’s and other artist to work with, along with his travel success his long time passion for toys has given him the opportunity to create his own whether it be Kid Robots Dunny platform or his own resin sculpture he’s cover grounds on all ends. Soon to be on his Third Asia tour, catch him while he hops from Tokyo, Singapore then over to Manila.

“Angry Woebots was never a name, it’s a weird name lol it was a concept of what I created, concept of my art, from the car accident until now, from being in a dark place and coming out of the situation ready to change the negatives in my life, slammed into metal actually woke me up. Doing art shit was the doorway , I’ll keep going as far as I can. If opportunity’s stopped right now, I’d still be stoked on how far I’ve gotten. I have close homies across the planet, my neighborhood is deep.”

More interested in life experience then the big shows Creator of Army Of Snipers crew he continues to network and do shows Internationally meeting up with artist with the same passions and ideas.

”I never expected to get this far 12 years deep, it was hardly ever about the money, shit money is great but I look at it as a means of building bridges, travel & culture. I’m on some Anthony Bourdain slash Jacque Cousteau steez. haha. I grew up watching Jacque Cousteau documentary’s and reading libraries of my grandpas national geographic. I loved doing shows because of meeting other artist once I got the formula of travel that’s when all that childhood experiences with my grandpa kicked in. It all came hand in hand watching him paint and create shit then watching all those shows with him I can paint and use my art to travel. It’s a great thing.”

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