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Faustine Puras (*1976) was born in Hong Kong, as a child she builds dimensional spaces of paper, photos and clay. Nowadays,by using artificial light and an architectural vision she bring the third dimension into her work.
For photographing she uses an Hasselblad 503CWD with digital back. With these techniques she seems to be challenging the boarder of photography and painting.

She is fascinated by land- and seascapes, rust and degeneration in natural materials.
By combining the different techniques she brings an extra layer in the work and makes it more intimate.
It even emphasizes the absence reality.

In her latest work the photos become more abstract and you can see her fascination for architecture, landscapes, lineart, and minimal expression.

The most remarking action in her work however, is the fact that she destroys the original work, after taking the picture: The picture becomes the work.

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