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Fazuma started as a radio show. It was born from the need to communicate in a more positive, warm and laidback way. Fazuma is a creative buble. We produce our own art, but also promote others.

We are the authors of the radio shows “Música Enrolada”, dedicated to all things Reggae, Conscious Rap and Afrobeat and “Batida”, on the more urban side of Afro Music, such as Kwaito or Kuduro. We go on air through RDP África and Antena 3.

We also directed the Documentary “É Dreda Ser Angolano”, our view on Luanda, some videoclips and other mini docs for MTV, as well as photo shoots to artists we admire.

Meanwhile we also produced, released and supported records, concerts, of Afro influenced, roots or urban music in Portugal.

Batida was our first experience producing our own music. "Dance Mwangolé" is our debut.

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  1. Muito bom! Só soube disto porque vi uma entrevista ao Ikonoklasta onde consegui pegar bue referencias, Vai passar cá em Portugal em breve! Grata irmãos