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  2. 44:24

    Clinical Topics

    by OFA

    6 Videos

  3. 01:43:34


    by OFA

    0 Videos

  4. 06:34

    How to use the clinic camera

    by OFA

    5 Videos

    These video clips explain how to get good results when using the clinic camera. Please contact Ms. Eileen Martinez at if you have suggestions for additional video tutorials.

  5. 06:20:20


    by OFA

    1 Video

  6. 46:24

    First Year Videos

    by OFA

    0 Videos

  7. 12:04

    Patient Testimonials

    by OFA

    9 Videos

    A primary role of the School of Dental Medicine (SDM) is to educate dental health professionals. The resident/student depends on the patient’s commitment to complete necessary educational requirements.…

  8. 12:58

    Biomedical Informatics Online Certificate Program

    by OFA

    10 Videos

    The Biomedical Informatics Online Certificate Program is a 15 credit (minimum) experience. The Certificate program will serve students with a wide variety of goals and backgrounds, including those…

  9. 03:03:01

    Teaching Tips

    by OFA

    19 Videos

    Tips and ideas related to teaching

  10. 19:06

    Apple iPad Tips

    by OFA

    4 Videos

    This album includes all Tech Tips related to the Apple iPad.

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