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Salvador J. Bertucci founded what is now known as F.E.B. Distributing Company in February 1934. In 1946, S.J. Bertucci’s son Frank became associated with the company and the name was changed to F.E.B. Distributing Company. As the years passed, the third generation of the Bertucci family, Frank and Paul, joined the distributorship and are now charged with the operation of the company. On April 17, 2000 the company relocated to its newly built, state-of-the-art office, warehouse and vehicle maintenance facility in the light industrial park of the seaway in Gulfport, Mississippi.

Over the years, the company has sold a variety of products and many beer brands, both domestic and imported. Because of their commitment to offering world-class products and world-class customer service for three generations, the company has continued to experience growth and success through the years. Today F.E.B. Distributing Company offers a full line of beverage products covering all categories including imported beers from around the world, micro-beers, wine coolers, flavored malt beverages and light wines. F.E.B. Distributing Company is one of the leading distributorships in the south and is well positioned to continue its journey of growth and success alongside the ever-expanding Mississippi Gulf Coast.

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