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my name is Federico Gonzalez and I am a Graphic Designer and Visual Artist from Colombia ( but based in Barcelona ), mainly focused on animation and motion graphics.
After a couple years working as a web designer in Bogota, in 2007 I decided to moved to Buenos Aires Argentina, a city where I studied Visual Effects and video postproduction in the Institute Image Campus.
At the same time I worked on Eloisa Iturbe`s design studio, specialized in branding for television, occupying the area of motion graphics. In this place I had a great experience developing high-level animations for an international range of high-end clients as National Geographic, MTV, Fox, Cult, Space, Lifestile, among others.
In 2010 I came back to Bogota, and began to work in RCN Comerciales, which is one of the biggest PostProduction Companies in Colombia. In this place a had some experience leading groups of postproduction to make any kind of commercials for advertising.
Currently Im based in Barcelona working as a freelancer.
Here is my blog if you want to check it out:

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