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Federico was born in 1967, he grew up between Genoa and Milan.
He attended the DAMS of Bologna, and from 1986, alongside his studies, he gained his first professional experiences in audio-visual works, ranging from fashion to music.
Since 1991, he has produced music videos and commercials, winning numerous awards in Italy and abroad. In particular, the commercials for "BMW" (series 3) caught the attention of the international advertising scene, leading him to direct several productions in Italy and abroad.
Some of his commercials have become part of the Reina Sophia Museum, a permanent foundation for audiovisuals in Madrid. Among the most important projects are his films for "Damiani", "Audi", "Dolce & Gabbana." He has worked with important testimonials, such as Elton John, Malika Ayane, Luciano Pavarotti etc.
For nearly ten years (2002-2012) he has been partner and exclusive director of one of the most important production companies in Italy that he founded with three other partners. In 2008 he published his first of two photo books, edited by Damiani and simply called "51", the second book "365" was released in 2009.
On November 2012 Federico Brugia signed a global exclusivity with the production company Filmmaster Productions.
“Tutti i rumori del mare” is his first motion picture.


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