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Hi, my name is federico zambrano. I love 3D.

I was born in Argentina, in 1972 in the city of Buenos Aires.

At the age of 3, 1976, my family went to live in France.

I lived en france for 8 years, there I started studying music.

In 1984, the family came back.

In 1988 I had my first computer, and started experimenting with digital images.
also in 1988, I started to study painting, oil, and acrylic painting, and also pen drawing. I never stopped.

I have lived here, in Argentina since then, except for a year, 2002, where I went to live and work in Perú.

I graduated in 1990 from secondary school, and started my studies in Cinema in 1992, at the "universidad del cine". 4 years later, 1996 I started to work as an editor for TV commercials, for a company called Triada, and doing some design, with the "new" After effects software.

I worked there for a year, and in 1997 I started to work for another company called Cuatrocabezas (TV, Films, commercials) they called me to start the Post-production team, we were 3 persons. 2 years later, I was in charge of that department, with 10 people at my charge. I stayed there for 2 more years.

After that I started my experience as a tv commercial´s director in Perú for a company called 9milímetros, but I decided to come back to Argentina and build my own place.

Since 2002 I work for myself, and started to study maya software. now it´s been almost 10 years since a work with this and other softs.

I love 3D.

I do speak Spanish, English and French.

thank you for reading.


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