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I am a filmmaker working on shorts, feature length films and music videos. I was born in The Netherlands in the city of Amsterdam. Sometimes I work on the side as an illustrator and cartoonist. I do own a company named “Filmpeople” together with my friend Sander Jansen. About my wherabouts: recently i have been pending between Istanbul, Amsterdam and Chiang Mai; three marvelous cities with wonderful people. I plan to live and work in all three of them coming years, just like i do now. It feels pretty good!

Work field: feature film, short film, music video. illustration.
Activities: screenwriting, directing, drawing

My film career started when i was 11 years old. I got to play a part in the Dutch feature film 'The Good Hope' by Guido Pieters. I still remember the cousy atmosphere on the set. During a shoot at the Pinewood Studios in London, i and another kid actor decided to shoot a little film of our own. We used his fathers video camera and it became my first steps towards directing films.

Before this ‘filming experience’ i have been touring Europe with my parents as members of a theatre group called 'Dogtroep'. My older sister and i were playing in great, magical and absurd performances at the streets of France, Austria and Germany. It is one of the most fantastic memories i have from childhood.

Today i focus on writing my screenplays. When i find the time i shoot short films on the side. I enjoy giving editing advices to fellow filmmakers now and then, just as much as i like to provide someone with new angles on a screenplay.

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