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Feeding the planet project - European Bio Food Clusters on the world stage" (2012-2014)
Project funded by the EC General Direction "Enterprise and Industry", in the framework of Initiative Europe Innova CIP program (Competitiveness and Innovation framework Program).

3 European clusters in the field of agriculture, agro-food and agro-biotechnologies –Milan, Montpellier, Wageningen- gather their skills to set up a European World Class Cluster. The objective is to promote a joint offer at the international level for clusters in Brazil, Chile, the USA and India.
The project aims at fostering cooperation between European clusters with a view to internationalization strategies outside Europe.

The purpose is to develop joint strategies for the development of partnerships at the international level in the framework of a cluster policy. This action concerns the 3 pillars of the cluster’s triple propeller, namely research and training organizations, innovative companies (in agriculture, agro-food and agro-biotechnologies sectors) and local authorities.